Dismantling and Demolition – powered by German Engineering

We are proud and humble to announce that we have made it to the top of the world in dismantling and demolition. Our German mentality and Italian passion were and are perfect companions on the way to a performance that leads to surgically precise dismantling measures within record time.

This is why we are among the leading companies in the world

Our current position as number 8 in the world is no coincidence. This includes many years of expertise, perfect coordination, efficient construction site logistics and, above all, outstandingly trained personnel with one of the largest machine fleets in Europe. With these framework conditions, we are being called to the most complex construction sites today - especially in Germany and Italy - because fast and reliable organization of revitalization is the most important basis for the development of challenging large-scale projects today.

Cavaliere Damiano and Giuseppe Ferraro have transformed an ambitious dismantling company into a specialist with a global reputation and a unique position in the market.