Sustainable environmental engineering

We have a vision. We want to actively shape the change towards sustainable behavior. Future generations should be able to harvest the sustainable initiatives that are planted like seeds in the ground today as mature processes. To achieve this, we do everything possible in our industry with the enthusiasm that characterizes us as a family business.

Our engineers have special expertise in the revitalization of areas. This is why we started thinking many years ago about how to deliver fewer recyclable materials to landfill and waste disposal. Especially in the area of building materials, there is a good opportunity to bring recyclable materials back into a useful cycle. However, being able to do this economically requires a great deal of know-how and the absolute will to lay the foundations for this.

Besonders hohe Expertise

However, feeling responsible also means being able to assess the quality of substances with regard to materials that have the potential to harm human health or the atmosphere in the future. We have the technical and scientific expertise to be able to separate these from those that will provide long-term benefits in a recycling loop. Due to the size of our company, we have the opportunity to bring recyclable materials into the product cycle in an economically sensible way, e.g. by recycling old clinker bricks. In this way, we save 90 percent of CO2 and save landfills thousands of tons of disposal material every year through such measures.

We are only at the beginning of our journey. But unlike many companies in our industry, we are moving fast. Because we know that it will pay off. For us and for our children and grandchildren.