Life in transition

Coeur - A new center for Homburg.

For years, the huge industrial halls in the western center of Homburg lay fallow and were slowly reclaimed by nature, while the residents wondered more and more when life would return to the area.

With coeur, Homburg finally has a new center. An area in which residential, commercial, leisure, nature and urbanity merge and offer space for the future. This is where the life takes place. And this is where all the needs of our time meet.

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Total plot area approx. 180,000 sq meters

Achievable gross r area according to development proposal approx. 190,000 sq meters gross floor area

Commercial space / achievable gross floor area approx. 60,000 sq meters:

Connected commercial areas in the western section and in the north directly adjacent to existing buildings and highway.

Urban quarters / achievable gross floor area approx. 100,000 sq meters:

Urban areas for residential and commercial use along traffic routes and as a transition from purely commercial areas to residential areas.

Residential areas / achievable gross floor area approx. 27,000 sq meters:

In the heart of the district, surrounded by urban areas, residential areas with different types of housing are being created.