Directly on the river - In Duisburg the all-new RheinOrt district is being created

The Duisburg district of Hochfeld is a perfect example of structural change in the Ruhr region. Having grown up as the home of the steel industry, the area has been undergoing change for years. Where a few years ago industrial buildings visible from afar were still in operation, the future of Hochfeld is now emerging.

Located between the banks of the Rhine and the city center, RheinOrt will be an area with excellent connections and great recreational value. The spacious Rhine Park demonstrates the seriousness with which the city is creating a new quality of life. The modern urban quarter is now being created on the site of the former wire rolling mill in close cooperation with ArcelorMittal and the city of Duisburg.

A new home for almost 4,500 citizens

Duisburg's new RheinOrt district is being built in the immediate vicinity of the banks of the Rhine and the Rheinpark. A gross area of approx. 430,000 sq meters will be realized on a development area of approx. 30 hectares, which will be home to approx. 4,500 residents and numerous commercial enterprises. Particular importance is attached to an intact social infrastructure. In addition to an elementary school, two daycare centers are also to be built.

"A vision is actually becoming reality here," says Giuseppe Ferraro, CEO of the Ferraro Group. "We are very proud to be playing an active and important role in such an important project in the heart of the Ruhr area. We know what it means to the people there."