Bright future forecast for Eschweiler Röhrenwerke

The acquisition of Ferraro Group is creating new lifelines on the historic industrial site in North-Rhine-Westphalia. On the site of the former ESW Röhrenwerke in Eschweiler, the Saarland-based family business is developing space for commerce and logistics on a total area of approx. 72,000 sq meters.

"The revitalization of old industrial sites is our specialty. We have the know-how for professional demolition at a world-class level and, with our top-class project development team, we develop the vision for the use of the future," says Giuseppe Ferraro.

The tube factory has been closed since April 2020. The industrial site can now be reused for the future thanks to the dismantling and remediation of contaminated sites. The municipality will benefit from new high-quality space.

"As a family business, we are very proud to be able to look back on three generations of experience. We come from an industrial region ourselves and are aware of people's concerns regarding the reuse of brownfield sites. Through our investment, we want to give hope to the region," says Cavaliere Damiano Ferraro, President and founder of Ferraro Group.